For Good Karma - Get a Llama!

Llamas are wonderful. Naturally docile, they are the most versatile of pets. They have super soft fibre that you can spin and knit into your own unique garments. Llamas are easy to halter train. Once trained, you can do all sorts of fun things with them. They are great trekkers and will carry packs containing your lunch etc. They are very sure footed and can walk anywhere you can.

Fall in Love with Llamas

Llamas are easy to transport and we have them travel in our van. They usually sit down in the vehicle and like looking out of the window. They are great fun and very nosey. Anything that is going on - they want to be involved! They have exceptional eyesight and their inquisitive natures mean they don't miss a thing - much like the world's safest watchdog.

They are very safe with children and are increasingly being used for therapy work with physically and mentally disabled people. They are amazing to take to elderly care homes, as they are very respectful and once trained readily come indoors.

Llamas conveniently poop in communal piles and their pellets are great for the garden and can be spread straight around plants.

Choose Llamas for fibre, fun, and friends.

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