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Llamas are the ultimate pet. Domesticated for longer than the horse, they are the safest and most beautiful animals in the world.

Their long eyelashes, soft fibre, gentle nature and easy care make them the lifestyle farmer's dream.

Much larger than the smaller alpaca, llamas were bred to be beasts of burden and known as the 'Ships of the Andes' as they carried the Inca's belongings over the mountain tops.

Llama's homeland is the high altitude of South America. They are browsers, so like to nibble on many different plants. They are great for weed control and even love gorse! Llamas are the safest, most wonderful pets you could ever wish for.

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Domesticated for over 6,000 years they are naturally docile and easy to train to lead and carry packs. They have a strong social hierarchy and live in family groups. Females produce one baby a year, called a cria.

Robyn is proud to be the first llama farm to import genuine suri llamas to New Zealand from the United States of America, bringing four beautiful males and one female to our farm. Robyn's aim is to introduce the wonderful suri genes to her top quality Chilean girls.

"I am looking forward to an exciting future and plan to breed llamas with gentle personalities and fiber like curtains of silk. So if you are looking for something magical and special, the closest thing on earth to a unicorn without a horn, I would love you to come and visit me and meet my wonderful llamas"

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